Dwelling and tourist accommodation management


Get the most out of your rental home with our fast and efficient management.

Do you want to rent your dwelling or tourist accommodation and do not know how? Cartagena Spain, as a leading company and with more than 15 years of experience in the management of tourist accommodation and for companies in Cartagena, thinks about you and your home and/or tourist accommodation to offer you maximum economic profitability within the real estate market.

A professional team, who carry out all tasks. From the registration of the establishment, search and implementation of sales channels, customer reception, cleaning and maintenance of facilities to the after-sales service itself.

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or architects

High profitability for developers, builders or architects with tourist apartments.

Are you an architect, developer or real estate builder?

Ask us abour your project, dwellings or building to find out all the high returns you can get. Whether it is in the vicinity of Cartagena or the entire southeast of the Iberian Peninsula.

Do not hesitate to contact us, we will get in touch with you as quickly as possible and offer you the most effective and efficient solution possible in the management of your home and/or tourist accommodation in Cartagena and its surroundings.

Everything you need to make your investment grow.

Processing of all the necessary administrative procedures for the qualification of the properties as tourist accommodation.

Coordination of the servicesof your home and/or tourist accommodation, optimizing the management and control of your departments.

Market analysis and marketing of your dwelling and/or tourist accommodation as well as its complementary services and products, managing reservations with business efficiency criteria.

Control and supervision of the reception department, customer service and after-sales servicewith the established quality levels.

Cleaning and maintenanceof facilities.

Organization and promotion of events in the establishment itself, if necessary.